Q:How much does it cost to join Affiliate Program?Entry
A:It doesn't cost to join affiliate program
Q:To start affiliate program, what I need?Entry
A:You need to have your own website.It means that you need to post and manage ads on the website.
Q:When I register website, an error occurred. What should I do?Entry
A:Please check error description carefully. And then fill out the form with corrected information.
Q:What strings are available for passwords?Entry
A:Your password must contain a mix of upper and lower case letters, as well as digits.
Q:Registration email not arriveEntry
A:Depending on the settings of your mail service, email software, antivirus software, etc., it may be recognized as "spam mail" and the email may not arrive. In that case please check "Spam folder" etc. Please check your service and software settings.
Q:If I manage multiple website, what should I do?Entry
A:You can regist additional website, you want to advertise. In that case, you have to use other email address for registrataion. Please be aware that advertisement placement outside of the registration site is prohibited by the partner terms of service.
Q:How to Login management screen?
A:Go to Affiliate Partner page and login with your Email and password.
Q:I forgot login password. What should I do?
A:Go to Forgot Password page and submit your email address. To get email, reset your password by yourself.
Q:I can not login management screen.
A:You may use wrong Email or password, you have to fill in form correctly.
Q:I would like to change my Email Address. What Should I do?
A:After logining Profile screen, you can change your Email Address. After changing Email Address, logout once and Login to Niji account from your new created email address.
Q:How can I get Ad code?Ads
A:Go to Marketing screen, Click "Create Ad" button
Q:What kind of ads do you have?Ads
A:we have image ads/ text ads.
Q:Can I click my own banner myself?Ads
A:There is no Problem to check.
Q:Ads can not be displayed.Ads
A:If you modify the ad code, it may not be displayed correctly.
Q:Is there any restrictions in the ads placement position?Ads
A:There is no limit to post the ads position.
Q:Are there any restrictions on ads that can be posted on one page?Ads
A:There is no limit to post the number of advertisement.
Q:Can I modify ad code?Ads
A:You DO NOT modify ad code.
Q:How can I get incentive fee?Commission
A:Incentive fee occurs when all the consideration for goods or services is paid by shipped (exported) from visitors.
Q:How much can I get minimum incentive fee?Commission
A:If the account information is not registered or is less than $ 300, no funds transfer will be made. In that case, it will be carried over to the next month.
Q:What is the payment method?Commission
A:You can use following method
-Bank transfer
Q:Is there any remittance charge?Commission
A:Bank transfer remittance charge is $50 Bitcoin remittance charge is free.
Q:Is there rights to get incentive fee?Commission
A:The result is finalized by the last stepped link within 30 days from the click of the advertisement.
Q:When is the incentive fee payment date?Commission
A:If you exceed the minimum reward amount, closing data at the end of each month on which the order data was approved.we will pay by the end of the next month.
Q:I cannot get incentive fee at due date.Commission
A:There is a possibility that the registration information is wrong or not registered.
Q:I would like to edit my profile.Site
A:Go to Profile screen and edit.
Q:If I cancel affiliate membership, can I get commisson after cancelation?Cancelation
A:In case of withdrawal, no commission will be paid.
Q:Where can I contact administrator?Others
A:Please send us an email at