How to Earn Index
The Quick and Easy Guide to Setting up Your Niji Affiliate Website!

Niji Affiliate Partner Program makes it quick and easy to set up your affiliate links and see your affiliate account’s traffic, number of sales, and more, which can be accessed through your personal Niji dashboard after signing up.

How to Set up Your Affiliate Code

First—and most importantly—you need to put your Niji affiliate code on your website. Your unique code is what tells the Niji system that purchases completed after clicking your affiliate link should be credited to you.

Unlike many other affiliate programs, Niji offers a 30-day cookie system. This means that if a shopper clicks your affiliate link and makes a purchase anytime within the 30 days following that click, the purchase is credited to your affiliate account and earns you a commission. (Note: If the shopper clicks a competitor’s Niji affiliate link before clicking your link, the commission will be paid to the Niji account of the first affiliate link click.)

The Quick and Easy Guide to Setting up Your Niji Affiliate Website!

To find your affiliate link code, click on "Marketing" in the “Marketing” drop-down menu on the top bar after signing in. To quickly add a home page banner to your website containing the affiliate code, copy-paste the HTML code provided in the grey box into your home page’s html.

There are many places you can add the affiliate link banner to your website, including the home page, blog posts, in e-mails, and more.

Next time, you may know how to check the traffic volume from your site.