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How to Find Long SEO Keywords with 3 FREE Tools (Google Trends)

We introduce Google Trends.

How to Find Long SEO Keywords with 3 FREE Tools (Google Trends)

Before you can find the best long SEO Keywords to use on your affiliate website, you first need to figure out which short search phrases people are typing the most into Google. This is where Google Trends can be a big help.

As you can see in the image above taken from Google Trends, you can easily compare interest of similar products. As an example, we set up the following Google Trend comparison.

  • Country: Tanzania
  • Period: Past 12 Months
  • Search phrase 1: Toyota RAV4
  • Search phrase 2: Toyota Harrier

What you can see is that while people in Tanzania are interested in the Toyota Harrier (shown in red), there is more interest in the Toyota RAV4 (shown in blue). As an affiliate marketer, this can tell you that you are more likely to be successful focusing on the RAV4 if your audience lives in Tanzania.

Google Trends offers many additional FREE insights that you can use to build a marketing strategy, so we definitely suggest exploring this tool.