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How to Check Traffic from Your Affiliate Links

To check your affiliate traffic, click on "Traffic" in the “Traffic” drop-down menu on the top bar after signing in. Here you can track important performance statistics.

  • Total clicks
  • Total quotes
  • Quote rate
  • Total Proforma Invoices (PI)
  • Proforma Invoice (PI) rate
  • Total pre-conversions

To view performance data for a certain period of time, select the date range on the calendars before clicking the "View Period" button. Scrolling down the page also lets you view a daily breakdown, which is useful for tracking trends.

How to Check Traffic from Your Affiliate Links

Additionally, to analyse which countries your quotes are coming from, click on "Quote by Country" in the “Traffic” drop-down menu at the top of the screen.

Next time, you may know how to track your sales and commissions.