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4 Ways to Learn What Your Niche Audience Wants

1. Begin with “Best Selling” lists

For many shoppers, seeing what the most popular brands and products are for people who have similar needs is an important step before making a purchase. Many e-commerce websites create “Best Selling” lists to help shoppers find the best products. For example, if you go to BE FORWARD’s website and choose a BE FORWARD country page on the right side of the screen, you will find a list of 10 best-selling brand models for that country, which can help you narrow down the cars you should focus on if “country location” is an important consideration for your niche audience.

4 Ways to Learn What Your Niche Audience Wants

2. Ask your family and friends

Another easy way to learn about your niche audience is ask questions to family and friends who have similar needs—but don’t limit yourself to talking in person or over the phone. Ask your friends on Facebook and Twitter, too!

3. Join a forum

Find forums and discussion boards that match your niche audience and begin to read through their questions, comments, and conversations. You can also actively join groups and ask questions.

4. Research your competitors

Find strong competitor websites and think about how you can make your affiliate website even stronger than theirs. One thing you do not want to do is directly copy-paste information word for word from a competitor website onto your own website. (Google doesn’t like that and it will likely “punish” you for doing so by not showing your affiliate website in search results.)

Marketing Strategy Is Essential for a Successful Affiliate Website

We hope these tips give you a good start to building a strong marketing strategy for your affiliate website. Be sure to check out tomorrow’s tips where we cover keyword marketing basics.