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3 Tools to Help Your Niji Affiliate Website Rank on Google!

Once you have decided who your niche audience is (be sure to read yesterday’s tips for more information), it’s time to pull out your secret weapon: Keyword Marketing!

What Is Keyword Marketing?

What does Google do? Basically, it answers your questions. But how does Google know which websites will give you the best answers? It’s up to you, the website owner, to “tell” Google what useful information is on your website. One of the STRONGEST and EASIEST ways you can do this is with SEO Keywords.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Keywords are the words or phrases a shopper types into Google when looking for an answer. Sometimes the phrases are questions like “how safe is a Toyota RAV4?” and other times they are shopping phrases like “best Toyota SUV.”

When you create pages on your affiliate website that provide useful and detailed information for these keyword phrases, Google may consider your website helpful enough to show at the top of its search results.

How Do You Choose the Best SEO Keyword? Go Long!

When it comes to SEO Keywords, the more specific the question a shopper wants to know, the less competition you will likely have. For example, take the following Google search phrases below about the Toyota RAV4.

  • RAV4
  • Used Toyota RAV4
  • 2015 Toyota RAV4 Review
  • Compare 2015 Toyota RAV4 to Toyota Highlander

If you try to reach the top of Google’s search results for “RAV4,” you will have tens of millions of web pages to compete with—this means that your affiliate website will probably never show up when someone searches that phrase.

3 Tools to Help Your Niji Affiliate Website Rank on Google!

But as the search phrase gets longer (and the questions more specific), the competition gets lower and you will have a much better chance or ranking easily on Google, because less competitors are focusing on answering the question. Ideally, you want to create content for search phrases that are longer than 5 words.