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3 Easy Ways to Find Your Niche Audience

1. Turn yourself into a niche audience

Do you love the products you are trying to sell through your affiliate website? If you answer “yes,” then you can target a niche audience that is similar to you. Also, if the affiliate products are important for your work, hobby, or interest, then you will probably know what your niche audience looks for when they are shopping for what you are trying to sell.

If you want to understand your niche audience, simply look in the mirror!

2. Find an audience with little competition

Finding an audience with few affiliate competitors takes a little more research than option #1. What you want to do is brainstorm a few kinds of niche audiences that could benefit from your affiliate products and then begin to search online to see if there are already many websites competing for those audiences.

If you find that one of your niche audiences has little competition, look closely at your competitors’ websites to find out what important information they are not talking about and be sure to add that information to your website.

3. Become an expert in what your audience needs

If options #1 and #2 don’t work for you, you will need to pick a niche audience that already has many websites competing for their business. This does not mean you should give up! What you need to do is double your efforts in researching and providing the most detailed, in-depth information so that shoppers (and Google) trust you more than your competitors.

If the quality and quantity of information on your affiliate website is greater than your competitors, you have a good chance of reaching the top of Google and getting your affiliate links in front of more shoppers.